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4 Halloween Safety Tips for Spooktacular Fun

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munchkinsandmilestonesThe holiday season is knocking at the door. A favorite of many is Halloween! Children young and old look forward to that magical night where they can be whatever they want…even something so fantastical that only a child’s imagination can create it!

No matter how magical Halloween is, there are safety precautions you should make to ensure your little ones are safe and sound. We’ve compiled a list of tips that you can follow to make this holiday an amazing experience for your little goblins.

Start Early!  

Be the first ones out on the street, preferably before it starts getting dark. Not only do you get the best candy but trick or treating with small children after dark can be dangerous. People are driving around neighborhoods…either dropping off their own kids, picking them up, going to parties, you name it! With people running here and there drivers can be distracted by other kids out on the street. Plus, if you get through early, you can hand out your own candy and watch your child marvel at all the cool costumes he/she might see!

Choose a comfortable costume!   

Year after year, babies are dolled up or dressed up as tiny superheros. Typically just a few minutes in and they start pulling at those cute costumers. Can you relate? Try putting on a constrictive costume or a headpiece and your little one might protest. We recommend something soft. A leotard with a pumpkin body that’s soft and supple or a little farmer costume with a plaid shirt and overalls, soft boots, and a soft, straw hat. This will help make your little one comfortable all night long!

Not too much candy!

We know, we know, a big part of Halloween is the candy, but keep an eye on that candy basket. Depending on their age and temperament, candy can have negative effects, like hyperactivity and a stomach ache, just to name a few. And, after the sugar high turns into a crash…watch out it could be a rough night. Plus, depending on their age you may not know yet what your child might be allergic to. It’s best to be on the safe side and really take a good look at their bag of goodies just to make sure there’s not something hidden that they aren’t supposed to have. Plus, you get to eat what’s left over…right?

Be sure family and friends are a part of the holiday!

Family time is always so important for any holiday and for your baby’s continued growth in their journey of self-awareness and learning just exactly who they are! Halloween is a very expressive holiday, where just about everyone you come into contact with gets to be someone or something that they’ve always wanted. So, try to involve a group of family and friends to kick back, dream a little, and celebrate the fun in life!!!  Be a kid again…for your kid.

Most of all, enjoy this fun day with your child! Each year that goes by will be another amazing memory of Halloweens past. Kids will remember what they were last year and each year their costume will be a little more reflective of their personality. That’s such a fun part of parenting! What spooktacular traditions do you and your family have for All Hallows’ Eve?

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